The art blog of Corrie Young, a third-year student at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying animation.


Davy Jones by ThemePirate
Some boat designs for a friend’s film!
My hair looks like this now!! As someone who has basically had the same hairstyle all their life, this is a pretty big and exciting deal.
Happy Easter! Hope it was a great one for everybody. :)
Color key for a film I’m working on that ended up not being used.
Sorry about my lack of posts, guys—I’ve been busy with classes and some cool projects that I hope I can start showing you guys pretty soon!I know probably at least half of you follow me for Homestuck fan art, so here’s a goofy lil’ Karkat/Terezi doodle I did earlier. I’ll make something better for you guys soon, promise!
my 2D Character Animation II class is doing a sequence based on the Knights of the Round Table and I was assigned Sir Gawain
I based him off of Michael Cera huehueh
a dapper old man for my portfolio
A quick 20-minute paint between finals. I took one of those “what mythical creature are you” quizzes and got a phoenix, which I think suits me just fine.
A warm-up I did earlier this evening, in the spirit of Ward Kimball for his centennial today (ahem, yesterday).
Usually don’t post my messier, sketchier, warm-uppier things, mostly because I’m not sure if people are interested in that or not.
Let me know what you guys think.